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Maybe a fire left your living areas charred. Maybe a leak allowed mold to grow in your attic. Either way, we're here to help you get your home or workplace back in top shape. Jungbert Company is a reputable restoration company based in Louisville, KY. With our help, your building will look better than ever in no time. We offer reliable water mitigation, fire damage restoration, mold remediation and storm damage repairs.

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You don't want just any restoration company on the job. You want the best of the best. Jungbert Company has "Big Hoss," the largest mitigation truck in the Louisville, KY area. When you turn to our licensed general contractor for plumbing installations, storm damage repairs or water mitigation, you can rest easy. We're one of the oldest plumbing families in Kentucky, having been in the industry since 1934.

With our licensed general contractor on the job, you can trust that we'll take care of your property and get the job done right. To get the services you need from our experienced team, contact us today.

Choosing Our Company

Choosing a restoration company that operates 24/7 and boasts a rapid response time of 90 minutes or less can offer several significant benefits. Here are some reasons why this might be a compelling choice:

Emergency Preparedness:
Immediate Response: A 24/7 service with a quick response time ensures that the restoration team can be on-site promptly, addressing emergency situations without delay.

Minimize Further Damage:
Timely Intervention: Water, fire, and other types of damage can worsen over time. A rapid response helps minimize additional damage and prevents the situation from escalating.

Protection of Belongings:
Salvaging Possessions: Swift action can increase the chances of salvaging personal belongings, documents, and valuable items affected by the damage.

Prevent Mold Growth:
Rapid Water Extraction: In water damage situations, quick water extraction is crucial to prevent mold growth. A 24/7 response ensures that the extraction process begins promptly.

Mitigate Health Risks:
Mold and Bacteria: Fast response times help mitigate health risks associated with mold and bacteria growth, ensuring a safer and healthier indoor environment.

Insurance Claim Support:
Documenting Damage: Restoration companies with quick response times can promptly document the extent of the damage, aiding in the insurance claims process.

Customer Satisfaction:
Prompt Resolution: Rapid response times contribute to overall customer satisfaction by demonstrating the company's commitment to addressing clients' needs quickly and efficiently.

Reduced Downtime:
Faster Restoration: Quick response times lead to faster restoration processes, reducing the overall downtime for businesses and homeowners.

Comprehensive Services:
Immediate Assessment: A 24/7 operation allows for immediate assessment of the damage, enabling the restoration team to develop a comprehensive plan for restoration and repairs.

Round-the-Clock Availability:
No Time Restrictions: Emergencies don't adhere to a regular schedule. Having a restoration company available 24/7 ensures that assistance is available whenever it's needed, even during weekends or holidays.

Prevent Secondary Issues:
Addressing Secondary Problems: Rapid response helps in addressing secondary issues like mold growth, structural damage, or electrical problems that may arise as a result of the initial damage.

Professional Expertise:
Skilled Technicians: A 24/7 restoration company typically employs skilled and trained technicians who are experienced in handling emergency situations, ensuring a high level of expertise in addressing various types of damage.

Overall, a restoration company with a 24/7 operation and a quick response time provides peace of mind, knowing that professional help is just a phone call away in times of crisis. This swift action can make a significant difference in the outcome of the restoration process and the overall recovery of the affected property.

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Looking for a restoration company you can count on? If you live anywhere in Jefferson County, Jungbert Company is the right company for you. The pros at our family-owned and -operated business are fully insured and prepared to treat your property with the same respect as our own buildings. Rest assured that we'll be available 24/7 and always provide exceptional service with a smile.

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Louisville, KY locals come to us during emergencies - and you can too. Reach out to our licensed general contractor when:

  • A burst pipe floods your basement
  • An electrical fire scorches your kitchen
  • A harsh storm damages your roof
  • Mold takes over your bathroom
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Mission Statement

Empowering Restoration, Renewing Lives: Our mission at Jungbert Company is to be the beacon of hope and stability in the aftermath of disasters. We are committed to providing swift, expert, and compassionate restoration and remediation services to homes and businesses. By combining cutting-edge technology, industry-leading expertise, and unwavering dedication, we strive to restore not just properties, but also the sense of security and well-being for our valued clients. Our mission is to be the trusted partner that brings comfort, reliability, and a path to renewal, ensuring a brighter future for those we serve.


Industry Expertise:
IICRC certification indicates that the company and its technicians have undergone rigorous training and have demonstrated a high level of expertise in the restoration and cleaning industry.

Adherence to Industry Standards:
IICRC-certified companies follow industry-accepted standards and best practices. This ensures that restoration services are conducted with the highest level of professionalism and according to established guidelines.

Advanced Techniques and Technologies:
Certified companies, like Jungbert, are likely to stay updated on the latest industry advancements, technologies, and techniques. This ensures that they use state-of-the-art methods to deliver effective and efficient restoration services.

Comprehensive Training:
IICRC certification requires ongoing education and training. Technicians are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of various restoration and cleaning processes, including water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, and more.

Commitment to Ethical Practices:
IICRC-certified companies adhere to a strict code of ethics. This commitment includes conducting business with integrity, transparency, and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Customer Confidence:
Certification from a reputable organization like IICRC provides customers with confidence in the company's capabilities and professionalism. It serves as a recognizable mark of quality in the industry.

Effective Problem Solving:
IICRC certification equips technicians with the knowledge and skills to assess complex situations and provide effective solutions. This is crucial for addressing unique challenges in restoration projects.

Thorough Inspection and Assessment:
Certified companies, like Jungbert, are trained to conduct thorough inspections and assessments. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the damage and allows for accurate and detailed restoration plans.

Quick and Efficient Restoration:
With a solid foundation in IICRC-approved methodologies, certified companies are likely to execute restoration projects more efficiently. This can minimize downtime for clients and reduce the overall impact of the damage.

Proper Use of Equipment and Chemicals:
IICRC certification ensures that technicians are trained in the proper use of equipment and chemicals. This includes understanding safety protocols and applying solutions that are effective and environmentally friendly.

Insurance Compliance:
Many insurance companies recognize and value IICRC certification. Choosing a certified company like Jungbert may facilitate smoother interactions with insurance providers and expedite the claims process.

Continual Improvement:
IICRC-certified companies are committed to continual improvement. They stay updated on industry trends, attend regular training sessions, and adapt their practices to incorporate new and improved restoration techniques.

By selecting a company like Jungbert that holds IICRC certification, clients can have confidence in the company's professionalism, commitment to quality, and adherence to industry standards throughout the restoration process.